Terms and Conditions

1-) In the profiles published on runmarriage.com;

- The person who created the profile is responsible for the personal communication information (E-mail address, phone number etc.).
- The information must be true.
- It cannot include any insult in any way, sexist or racial expressions cannot be used. It must be suitable for general ethics.
- The ones who want to use a language other than English should choose short expressions.
- Propaganda for any political view, religion etc. is not allowed. If done, the person who published the profile is responsible.
- Advertisement cannot be included in any way.
- runmarriage.com is not responsible for the authenticity of the information.

2-) Personal profiles published on runmarriage.com are open to all visitors. The profile owner accepts that the profile information can be reviewed by everyone and all information is under the responsibility of the persons who created the profiles. Even if checks are done regularly by us, it is impossible to check all profiles all the time due to transaction volume.

3-) runmarriage.com is only an intermediary. The registered profiles state the views and opinions of the profile holder and runmarriage.com does not accept any responsibility for these writings. Other users can inform us of the ill-intended, bothersome and illegitimate information.

4-) The profile creators cannot send or transmit an illegitimate, threatening, annoying, abusive, foul humiliating, vulgar, pornographic or immoral post which will constitutes a crime, entail legal proceedings, an create or encourage unlawful situation at local, national or international level. BY ANY MEANS, THE CRIME BELONGS TO THE PERPETRATOR. runmarriage.com DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY.

5-) runmarriage.com gives the opportunity of knowing each other and choosing partner with free will for the people who seek friendship. It makes no contribution to or has responsibility for the formation of mutual and consentaneous wills of the people who come together in the interactive environment.

6-) Profile creators should always be aware that they are in the virtual environment and avoid giving the explanatory information about their private life to the other side.

7-) Profile information published on runmarriage.com can be viewed by all visitors. The link for profile deletion and editing is sent as a warning to the e-mail address used in the profile while creating it. The person who creates a profile has the right to edit and delete the profile anytime it wants. runmarriage.com is not responsible for the discontinuing of the published profiles at all.

8-) The IP numbers of the computers of the profile holders who create and publish a profile on runmarriage.com and the visitors trying to communicate in the communication environments are saved by the system for security reasons. In case any harassment or threats occur and these situations necessitate legal proceedings, these numbers may be used for the identification of the user identity and delivered to the judiciary if necessary. It should be known that our liability for keeping secret will be canceled because of this obligation.

9-) The ones who publish a profile cannot post or transmit any commercial or advertorial information, software or material containing a virus or harmful element.

10-) It is deemed that the profile creators and the visitors reviewing the profiles in runmarriage.com have accepted the provisions above.

11-) In spite of the above-stated; if we, as runmarriage.com, are subjected by law to pay compensation to the users and 3rd parties, this compensation will not be more than 50 Euro.

12-) This Contract will be governed by the Turkish Law. The Courts and Enforcement Offices of Denizli/TURKEY are authorized in every sort of conflict arising out of this contract.